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Jardines Boulder Field - Lake Wakatipu

Located at the base of the Remarkables beside the lake and close to SH6, the Jardines Boulder Field has significant landscape and recreation values. The boulders are large, some the size of buses, making the site a popular sight-seeing and rock-climbing destination.

The boulder field lies on Remarkables Station, owned by Dick and Jillian Jardine. The Jardines’ covenant is the first QEII open space covenant to flank the lake.

Dick and Jillian have generously put aside this significant site on their land so that the public will always be able to enjoy it, both for its natural values and as a recreation destination.

A climber at Jardines' Boulders. Photo Guillaume Charton.

Visitor information

Access is signposted from SH6 which runs between Frankton and Kingston .

The boulders are open to the public, with special restrictions in place for farming and safety purposes.

Visitors are asked to close gates behind them, take care with stock, park in the designated areas and leave before dark.

Climbers code of conduct

  • No chipping/brushing
  • No bolting
  • No gardening
  • No marking of boulders

Environmental care code

  • Protect the natural environment. Take care not to disturb plants and animals.

  • Remove all rubbish. Take out what you take in.

  • Leave gates as you found them and keep to the road provided for vehicles.

  • It is not possible to camp or light fires at the site.

  • There are no toilets on the site. Leave no human waste behind.

  • No dogs permitted (as the area is located on a working farm).

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