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Taranaki - Otunahe Scenic Reserve and kiwi haven

Otunahe Scenic Reserve is a 70 ha QEII National Trust covenanted reserve, which lies on the farm property of Bob and Karen Schumacher. The area is home to many native bird species such as fernbird, bellbird, tui, kereru, North Island robin, New Zealand falcon, whitehead and kiwi. 

Both the farm and the reserve lie within the much larger Purangi Kiwi Project Area, a predator-controlled area cared for by the East Taranaki Environment Trust (ETET). ETET was formed by a group of landowners dedicated to improving kiwi habitat by managing pests in east Taranaki. Kiwi numbers have grown to over 500 pairs thanks to the Trust’s work controlling predators.

Walkers stop for a break at Otunahe Scenic Reserve. You can visit the reserve on your own or book a guided walk. On the guided walks you can find out what some of the birds are up to by taking part in a telemetry monitoring exercise, enjoy morning or afternoon tea together, and even hear kiwi calling if your walk is booked for the evening. 

To find out more about visiting this special place, contact the Schumachers on 06 756 8064 or visit

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