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Coromandel - The Mahakirau Forest Estate

The Mahakirau Forest Estate comprises almost 600 hectares of native forest divided into 24 private properties with introduced animal and plant controls. 95% is covenanted with the QEII National Trust or with Thames Coromandel District Council. Mahakirau Forest Estate is bounded on three sides by DOC managed land - with the Manaia Kauri Sanctuary to the south and the Coromandel State Forest to the east and west. Most of the estate is recognized in the Protected Natural Area Programme (PNAP) and forms a Recommended Area for Protection (RAP) that is contiguous with areas administered by DOC.

The Mahakirau Forest Estate Society Incorporated (MFESI) has been established since 2001 to act as a united legal entity, and the society has been undertaking pest control (to protect and restore biodiversity) on behalf of all Mahakirau Forest Estate landowners. Our community continues to be a highly motivated and active group driven by the desire to protect and enhance the Coromandel and New Zealand’s natural environment, and in particular its threatened species. 

The Mahakirau Forest Estate has been ranked as holding “outstanding wildlife value”, including the extremely rare Coromandel striped gecko, Hochstetter’s and Archey’s frogs, North Island kaka and North Island brown kiwi. Helms butterflies, peripatoides, painted cave weta, longfin eel and kokopu spp. have also all been found in the estate. There are strong resident populations of kereru, tui, bellbird, fantail, tomtit, silver eye, grey warbler, kingfisher, morepork and shining cuckoo. The diverse forest flora consists of over 50 tree species including mature Northern rata, miro, rimu, Halls totara, kahikatea, kaikawaka, tanekaha, taraire, Pukatea, Kohekohe, Kanuka and Manuka, as well as prolific and diverse epiphytic, under storey and stream boundary flora (including at risk King Fern and Kirk's daisy). 

All Lots are now in private ownership, but occasionally circumstances change, which gives others (with the means), a fortunate chance to buy in to this extraordinary Forest Estate. Mahakirau offers some of the most beautiful forest scenery New Zealand has to offer and is highly rated by the Department of Conservation. Many of these sites include streams, waterfalls or rocky swimming holes. Situated on the crest of the Coromandel range, spectacular vistas abound from Manaia Harbour, Te Kouma, Auckland and round to the Mercury Islands and Whitianga. Mahakirau Forest Estate overlooks Castle Rock, an old volcano core that rises above the bush on the backbone of the range and is adjacent to the Manaia Forest Sanctuary home to Tanenui, the largest kauri on the Coromandel Peninsula. The Mahakirau Forest Estate is a well-planned 'eco-subdivision'. Within each individual property, a house site has been located to nestle into the bush with minimum environmental impact. To ensure the land is preserved for future generations, no further subdivision of the land is allowed. The Mahakirau road is of exceptionally high quality, with 5kms of fully tarsealed internal central access. Underground power and telephone is provided to each property boundary. This a rare opportunity to have total seclusion and privacy on your own 15-30 hectares of native bush. 

The ultimate luxury is arranging life so that we can truly enjoy it. We live in an insistent world where time is a scarce commodity and we yearn for retreats to replenish, restore and revive. There is a huge surge towards hideaways, open spaces and nature as a reaction against the feeling of being processed. Mahakirau Estate is a most idyllic and utterly affordable place to escape to. There is something about the solidity and silence that is very calming. Mahakirau Estate is only two hours drive from Auckland international airport. Although each Lot has something unique, something special... Mahakirau forest land ownership, has more to do with guardianship and legacy than personal possession. Here you are buying into the bigger picture.

Prospective buyers who visit Mahakirau Forest Estate will be blown away by the unique quality of the land in terms of ecology, privacy and views... it is an area of outstanding wildlife value, with North island brown kiwi, kaka, Hochsteter's and Archey's frogs all being present.  
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