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Protecting our precious places


Find out about effective fence designs that provide QEII covenant protection.

Allowing access to a covenant by a stile or kissing gate.

Factors to consider when bulldozing fencelines.

Tips on how to combat corrosion on coastal fences.

Philip Lissaman, QEII Nelson-Tasman Representative, gives some examples of fencing maintenance in covenants.

A guide to relative costs for effective fence designs that provide QEII covenant protection.

Maintenance and stock training are the keys to success with electric fences.

A joint project constructed a difficult fence by hand around a totara gully protected by a QEII covenant.

Some tips for fencing bush margins

When I’m out monitoring covenants I sometimes come across fences that are in need of repair and stock are getting in as a result. Fencing off a covenant to exclude stock is a standard requirement in most QEII open space covenant agreements, but it doesn’t end there. There is also an ongoing obligation to maintain the fences.

There is a wide range of fencing styles, individual farmer preferences, regional variations and costs in New Zealand.

QEII Trust has two key principles for fencing of forest remnants.

Deer, cattle, sheep and pigs were threatening the recovery of regenerating primary forest on Waingakia Station.

How to stop goats climbing fence stays.

Hand-made Farm Fence ... #852 gives detailed instructions on building farm fences.

Rob Best of Fencing Contractors Assn New Zealand provides handy tips on installing strainers for a gate on sloping ground.

An old style rabbit netting fence built in the 1950s has been retained as part of a covenant fence.

How to turn pine trees into fence posts and battens.

When covenants are alongside streams, an added benefit resulting from fencing is the improvement of water quality in catchment areas.

Permanent fencing was needed to stop stock damaging the understorey and groundcover in two primary forest remnants.

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