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Protecting our precious places

2010 QEII Athol Patterson Bursary

As a result of a generous bequest to QEII from the Estate of Professor Athol Patterson, a bursary has been set up to support students at Massey University interested in sustainable farming practices.

Professor Patterson was a doctor of tropical medicines and taught in various universities around the world before retiring to Waverley where he had two small dairy farms.

At an awards ceremony at Massey University on 18 May, the inaugural QEII Athol Patterson Bursary was awarded to Thomas Harvey from Glen Orkney, a high country sheep and beef farm in Marlborough.

Thomas is studying for a Bachelor of Science majoring in animal and agricultural science.

His parents, Simon and Lynda Harvey, have two QEII covenants protecting four blocks of lowland forest, shrubland and sedgeland on Glen Orkney.

Thomas believes that sustainable farming can go hand in hand with profitable productivity.

‘To me, sustainable farming means leaving the land in as good or better health than what it was in when you got it,’ he says.

‘By identifying and protecting fragile areas of indigenous vegetation, the diversity of that area can be maintained while focusing on farming the more productive areas.’

James Hunter, QEII director, presented the QEII Athol Patterson Bursary to Thomas on behalf of the QEII Board.

Thomas Harvey with David Hopkins and James Hunter

Above: Thomas Harvey with David Hopkins, a trustee of Professor Patterson’s estate and QEII Covenant Life Member, and James Hunter.

Published 19 May 2010

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