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Notice of goat control in Dunns Bush

23 November 2016

Feral goat control in Dunns Bush will take place between 28 November and 19 December 2016.

Goat Control Method

The goat control will be conducted by a professional goat hunter using firearms and specially bred and trained dogs.

Reserve Closure

Dunn's Bush will be closed to the public on the days that hunting is being conducted. Closure notices will be posted at the walking track entrances to the reserve at

  1. the Ahuroa Road entrance,
  2. the J Tolhopf Road entrance and
  3. the end of Remiger Road, where the Te Araroa trail heads uphill across the old Dunn farm to the ‘Sugarloaf’ entrance to Dunns Bush.

These closure notices will be put in place on the day prior to any hunting being conducted, and only removed once hunting for the day is completed.

Access to Dunns Bush from neighbouring properties

For your safety, please can you make sure that you do NOT access Dunns Bush directly from neighbouring properties from the date of this notice to 19 December. Limit any access to the main walking track entrances as mentioned above, on days when the reserve is not closed.

Why are we controlling goats?

This control is necessary because of the extensive damage caused by feral goats to the native vegetation in Dunns Bush. Walkers in Dunns Bush from both the Tolhopf Road side and the Ahuroa Road side will have noticed the difference in the vegetation between the two areas. The Tolhopf Road side has been reduced to a few stands of less-palatable nikau, with all the palatable plant species that would normally be present having been removed through sustained goat browsing pressure.

No private hunting

QEII National Trust takes its responsibility to our staff, volunteers, and the general public very seriously. NO private hunting is allowed in Dunns Bush without the express written permission of QEII National Trust.

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