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Protecting our precious places

Area protected by covenantors continues to grow

 Press release

31 October 2013

QEII National Trust covenantors around New Zealand are protecting an area equivalent in size to the combined areas of Aoraki/Mt Cook, Egmont/Taranaki and Abel Tasman national parks, Chair James Guild announced at the release of the Trust’s 2013 annual report this week.

This year QEII Trust covenantors added around 7,600 ha to the network of covenants already protecting special features on private land. That brings the total area protected by private landowners to just over 125,000 ha. 

Mr Guild said that the generosity of thousands of individual actions manifested in covenants by their owners is still not widely appreciated outside the rural sector.

“Covenantors make a considerable personal investment to protect and enhance their surrounding environment. They demonstrate that conservation and productivity are not mutually exclusive, and they leave a legacy that benefits all of us.

He added that each covenant protects site-specific values and features. But when considered as a whole they are helping build a stronger, more resilient environment that extends well beyond their physical boundaries. 

“Covenant networks join forces to build a more sustainable landscape-scale model of protection that will help our native biodiversity thrive. We also profit from the natural services offered by protected places such as scenic features, clean air and water, fertile healthy soils, and pollution and flood control,” Mr Guild said.

If you are interested in discussing protection of a special area on your land with a QEII covenant you can contact  your local QEII representative to discuss your proposal. Contact details for regional representatives are listed on the Trust’s website

More information

Annual Report 2013

Contact: Anne McLean, QEII National Trust Wellington Office 04 472 6626 (email

National covenant statistics at 30 June 2013

3,803 registered covenants

410 approved covenants

Area protected by both 125,137 ha

Range of covenants 0.3 ha to 6,564 ha

Average covenant size 29.5

Features protected include: bush remnants, wetlands, cultural and archaeological sites, sites of scientific, recreational and visual significance, and threatened species habitats.

Every year around 100 – 150 new covenant proposals are approved by the Trust.

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