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Appointments to the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust – a public invitation to interested agencies and organisations


Public invitation that calls for nominations from interested agencies and organisations of suitable people for appointment to the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust Board 


The terms of appointments of Mr Bernard Card and Mr Edward Ellison, directors of the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust Board, expire on 27 June 2013.  Bernard Card has sought reappointment and it is the intention of the Minister of Conservation to reappoint him for a further term.

Edward Ellison is retiring and it is the Minister’s intention to appoint Ms Gina Solomon of Kaikoura to replace him; having regard for the interests of Maori.

If any interested agency or organisation wishes to nominate other persons they consider suitable for appointment instead of Mr Card or Ms Solomon, could they please advise the Minister of Conservation in writing no later than 31 May 2013.  He will give those nominations due consideration before making his final decision.

In making appointments to the Board the Minister has to have due regard to environmental and conservation values, the interests of rural landowners and the interests of the Maori community.

The other Minister-appointed directors of the Board and their terms of appointments are:  James Guild, Chairperson, whose term expires 30 June 2014 and Sue Yerex whose term expires 30 June 2015.

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